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Neoprene Technology and Care


Duskii’s neoprene fabrics are selected for their unparalleled functionality and exceptional tactile properties. We invest in quality and are meticulously demanding of our suppliers. You can be certain that investing in a Duskii suit, you are investing in a product that is unsurpassed.

Our range is tested under stress for its ability to stretch in all directions without fail. Its antibacterial qualities ensure durability and our contoured panel designs are triple glued and blindstitched or flatlocked to last. Our neoprene is available in various styles and thicknesses (1mm to 3mm) to fit perfectly with your level of warmth and activity.


Sublime Soft Neoprene:

Duskii’s more fashion focussed designs use the highest end Sublime Soft neoprene sourced from Taiwan. This neoprene is perfect for a soft luxurious fit and resistance-free movement.

SubLime Stretch, Luxe, Ultimate Luxe Geoprene:

Traditional wetsuits were made from neoprene, a synthetic rubber introduced by DuPont over eighty years ago. Created from monovinyl acetylene that’s reacted with hydrogen chloride gas this neoprene is derived from petroleum. Whilst many other wetsuit brands still use old fashioned neoprene, Duskii’s performance suits use a limestone based rubber developed by the Yamamoto Corporation of Osaka, Japan. This limestone-based geoprene is lighter and warmer than traditional neoprene meaning you wear less bulk, stay warmer and get the best performance in and on the water.

Our geoprene is derived from 99.7% pure limestone. Its closed cell content is 23% higher than petroleum based neoprene. This structure ensures that if any part of the product surface is defaced or scarred, new independent concave microcells are exposed to ensure continued functionality.

The higher closed cell content allows for virtually no water absorption meaning the weight of our material in dry or wet conditions remains almost the same. This means that Duskii activewear does not get heavy when submerged in water and keeps you feeling light and active. Good news all round.





Our materials are extremely durable and resistant to abrasions, allowing for a longer product life as well as enhanced performance throughout the product life. Our superior quality neoprene ensures that if any part of the product surface is defaced or scarred, new independent concave microcells are exposed to ensure continued functionality.


  • Triple glued and blindstitched seams
  • Taped stress points
  • Internal silicon wrist guards
  • Anti-slip knee pads
  • Internal dot taping of stress points
  • Highest quality YKK zippers (100% anti-corrosion)
  • Sliders and pullers (100% anti-corrosion)


Our materials achieve superior heat retention as compared to traditional neoprene products. Nitrogen is added in the construction phase leaving our rubber cells smaller than traditional neoprene rubber. This, in essence, creates smaller cells that have no room for water molecule storage.

  • The closed cells result in exceptional heat retention and efficiency.
  • Our Titanium Glide neoprene keeps your body warmer through the use of ultra-thin titanium alloy films.
  • The films simultaneously reflect your body heat back onto your body and resist cold water from outside your suit.



Due to its water-repellent properties, our Titanium Glide neoprene does not absorb water, avoiding the extra weight of water-logged suits that can hold swimmers, surfers and divers back. Titanium Glide’s superior heat retention properties enable the construction of a thinner neoprene rubber layer (from 5.0mm to 3.0mm), further reducing the weight of the wetsuit and enhancing leaving you feeling light and ready for action.

  • Our use of thinner superior quality neoprene combined with titanium glide or glide finish creates lighter warmer suits



Duskii uses materials that exhibit superior moldability to your body, enhancing comfort and contouring the body. Furthermore, this property reduces water resistance while also allowing for an unprecedented range of movement in the water. Our Titanium Glide neoprene has an expansion ratio 7 times greater than that of conventional wetsuit materials. You will notice that there is no shunting and jumping to don a Duskii suit, the ease and flexibility of our materials makes for a smooth, sophisticated experience.

  • Flat locked stitched seams
  • Zip free leggings
  • Hem adjustable pull cord
  • Seamless leg openings
  • Silicon technology grip (for fit and anti-water flushing)
  • Internal zipper protection (for comfort)
  • Structured panels
  • All-way stretch neoprene
  • Strategically placed grip



All our products have antibacterial properties that completely resist the growth of bacteria.

  • 100% Antibacterial suits

Duskii Guarantee


We offer a 12 month guarantee on workmanship and materials for all Duskii

  • 12 month guarantee


Materials Features



Black Performance Gold Luxe Wild Side
Sublime Soft High quality blown rubber with beautiful fabric designs  
Sublime Stretch Tried and tested soft neoprene, strong and buoyant
Sublime Luxe Softer, lower-density neoprene, super strong perfect for a high-end triathlon
Sublime Ultimate Luxe Super light, super soft and super stretch, excellent warmer weather diving and swimming





Black Performance Gold Luxe Wild Side
Glide Finish

Applied as a coating over the surface of closed cell neoprene

reducing surface resistance

Titanium Glide Finish

A metallic alloy barrier on your suit’s surface that dramatically

reduces body heat loss leaving you super warm – available in a

range of colours




Be mindful of rough surfaces when putting your suit on and taking it off. Rinse your suit in fresh water and turn inside out and dry in the shade. Store out of direct sunlight and lie flat to avoid creases. Hanging may mark and stretch your suit. Be careful of use in chlorinated water, it may harm the longevity of the materials. Have fun with accessories but take care as jewellery and nails may snag your garment.

Size Guide


AUS 6-8 10 12 14 16
USA 2-4 4-6 8 10 12
UK 6-8 10 12 14 16
ITALY 40 42 44 46 48
FRANCE 36 38 40 42 44
JAPAN 7 9 11 13 15


Because sizing and cut can vary please use this chart as a general guide only.
If you are between sizes or need assistance selecting the proper size, please
contact us



HEIGHT 165-170 168-173 170-175 172-178 174-180
BUST 84 88 92 96 101
WAIST 66 70 74 78 82
LOW HIP 91 94 98 102 106
ARM LENGTH 50.8 52 53.2 54.4 55.6



HEIGHT 5'5''- 5'7'' 5'6''- 5'8'' 5'7''- 5'9'' 5'8''- 5'10''  5'9''- 5'11'' 
BUST 33.1 34.6 36.2 37.8 39.8
WAIST 26 27.6 29.1 30.7 32.3
LOW HIP 35.8 37 38.6 40.2 4.7
ARM LENGTH 20 20.5 20.9 21.4 21.9


Duskii Girls Sizing Chart

Duskii Girls Size Guide
Duskii Girls Sizing Chart