time to get packing!

time to get packing!

Finally, travel day is looming after months of fantasying about getting to the hotel, dropping everything and heading to the water. Beach holidays are usually booked at the time you need them most so getting through the next two months before the plane takes off can feel like absolute AGONY. Passports have been triple checked and now it’s time to start thinking about what goes into the suitcase. If your anything like me, you always bring one too many suitcases packed with things you don’t even look at and then curse it when it is the last case to spin around the luggage carousel as the taxi line starts winding around the block... 

Most people fall into two holiday categories. The ones that can’t stop moving and the ones that don’t move at all. The problem is that most girls usually pack in the hopes they are both…

I’m off on Friday for a week in Fiji. My travel buddy has high hopes of beach running most mornings, paddle boarding and windsurfing before lunch, renting a catamaran in the afternoon to go to a special diving spot and trail walking in the search for waterfalls. 

I have high hopes of cheering her on from my spot on the beach with book in hand and meeting her for dinner on the beach if she is not too exhausted.

Obviously our suitcases will look a little different, my sneakers will not be making the cut because they will stare at me for the whole trip. Let’s focus on the similarities...

Swimwear that is functional, amazing quality and holds you in all the right places. Swimwear that also masquerades as active wear. Takes you to the top of a mountain and back down to your previously reserved pool chair. HELLO DUSKII. These suits are pure luxury. Soft, high quality neoprene, designed for the active beach goer and looks amazing on the lady sprawled on the sand with her head in a book.

A suit that is slimming? Impossible you say? Meet Duskii’s signature neoprene tank suit. The side panels magically slim your waist while accentuating your curves at the same time. The new 2016 collection, La Kasbah, features a unique and classical Mediterranean inspired tile print. It's also available in black with an embossed tile print. Oasis surf suit, exactly what is in my suitcase waiting for the end of the week. I can’t go past it, totally flattering, amazingly comfortable and I love the quiet detail in the suit. 

Rocky Barnes in Duskii tank suit

Sammy Garza La Kasbah Tank Suit

Now that we have dealt with the absolute WANT desperately for every girl, let’s think about the sporty spice’s and the suits they absolutely NEED. Think hours spent on paddle boards while keeping shoulders free of the burn so they can wake up and do it all over again tomorrow. Is there anything that Duskii hasn’t thought of??

Take the Monte Carlo Cap Sleeve Vest. It can be worn alone or you can bring it to pop over any of the other amazing separates after 11 when the sun really gets going. A beautiful textured indigo colour that has throwbacks to denim and makes the white panels absolutely pop. And how amazing is the Oasis cap sleeve surf suit? Again, can be worn alone or with a top underneath and peeled down when the sun isn’t too high. It’s a new shape for Duskii and they have absolutely NAILED it. It’s all in the details with this flattering suit, small perforations in the shoulders and legs show hints of skin while still providing all over coverage.

schirinfrosch wearing neoprene Monte Carlo Cap Sleeve Vest

Natalie Roser wearing neoprene Oasis cap sleeve surf suit

Ok, its icing on the cake time, BIKINI’S! So many shapes and styles to choose from. Girls with more luggage on top will find support in the La Kasbah Bustier Bikini Top. It holds the girls in place and doesn’t squish everything together, no one likes rocking the one big boob look… Another new shape for Duskii that will be added to the forever list is the high-waisted bikini pant. It comes in either a black La Kasbah style with those lovely perforations or Oasis style with the perfectly detailed embossed tile print.

Bree Warren wearing La Kasbah Bustier Bikini Top

Nastya Akhmameteva wearing La Kasbah slim tri bikini top

I can’t finish up without introducing you to our latest slim tri bikini top, La Kasbah. The louder sister of my favourite, quiet, tile embossed print. Perfection when paired with one of the high waisted bottoms from above, or the tile regular pant. Also really beautiful under an open crisp white linen shirt at dinner time.

There is not much better in this world than a holiday with your mates. Time to focus on packing. I’m feeling much more in control of my ONE suitcase. Maybe I can take you with me in my second one. xx

Beach babes wearing Duskii Oasis suits

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