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Mix it up!

We love that no two women’s bodies and styles are the same and are really proud of the fact that duskii’s bikinis are designed as separates so that duskii girls have choices. We trust our customers to make the call about what bottom and top’s suit them the most and are always really excited when customers go one step further and match tops and bottoms from different collections!

While each collection is quite different, they all relate amazingly well as they are based on exactly the same principles. Luxury fabric and finishes, flattering cuts and delicious patterns and textures.

This season, our radiant ochre collection pairs amazingly well with a matte black bottom from our La Kasbah collection. Our indigo denim look from the Monte Carlo collection looks incredible with our scarlet tri bikini from our Oasis collection. And you can go bananas with our banana leaf bottoms from the Palma collection and pair them with just about anything!

Whether you need a more supportive top or more revealing bottom, we seriously have something for everyone and if you’re feeling unsure, the girls in the office are at the ready with advice to help you make the right choice for you. x

duskii separates

Covers and cover girls

Can’t imagine a moment more thrilling than looking for some magazines at the gates for the long haul flight you are facing to stumble on 3 (three!!!) magazines that are packed with our new season styles. The temptation to start squealing this information to everyone around was intense, but my teeth did an amazing job of holding my tongue in place until I found a quiet corner to call my closest and whisper yell at them…

We absolutely love being featured on and in fitness magazines because that is what our brand is all about. Fitness, fashion and making strong women look great while they are looking after their bodies, heads and hearts. Staying active really is the key to happiness and health and we love being a small part of that journey for our customers.

There is only one thing we love more than covers featuring our suits, and that’s actual cover girls featuring our suits. Hello Gigi and Kendall!!!  Dare I say the highlight of last year and one that still hasn’t lost its charm for us. x


Size Guide


AUS 6-8 10 12 14 16
USA 2-4 4-6 8 10 12
UK 6-8 10 12 14 16
ITALY 40 42 44 46 48
FRANCE 36 38 40 42 44
JAPAN 7 9 11 13 15


Because sizing and cut can vary please use this chart as a general guide only.
If you are between sizes or need assistance selecting the proper size, please
contact us



HEIGHT 165-170 168-173 170-175 172-178 174-180
BUST 84 88 92 96 101
WAIST 66 70 74 78 82
LOW HIP 91 94 98 102 106
ARM LENGTH 50.8 52 53.2 54.4 55.6



HEIGHT 5'5''- 5'7'' 5'6''- 5'8'' 5'7''- 5'9'' 5'8''- 5'10''  5'9''- 5'11'' 
BUST 33.1 34.6 36.2 37.8 39.8
WAIST 26 27.6 29.1 30.7 32.3
LOW HIP 35.8 37 38.6 40.2 4.7
ARM LENGTH 20 20.5 20.9 21.4 21.9


Duskii Girls Sizing Chart

Duskii Girls Size Guide
Duskii Girls Sizing Chart