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welcome waimea bay!

Waimea Bay


Waimea Bay is located on the legendary north-shore of Oahu. Known for its powerful towering surf and thrilling ride, Waimea Bay has been revered by surfers worldwide since the 1950s.

Big wave season hits Hawaii in the winter months, when adventurous surfers are drawn to the world-renowned surf competitions. This surf is built with power and strength to ensure there is no stopping Duskii girls in performance and thrills.

Catching the big waves, Duskii gear will perform and last until the very end of each day, throughout the season, again and again, ensuring you look as good as your appetite is for adventure.

Summer months see the Bay in a whole new light, with wide stretches of sand, and turquoise waters lapping more gently. Snokelling into the depths, finding shade beneath the palms, Duskii will keep you looking sharp and stylish both in and on the water where the promise of adventure lures those with a passion for excitement.



just landed, hello haleakala!

The staggering beauty of the Haleakala mountains create a backdrop which can be seen from just about any point on the island of Maui. The mountains rise up from the misty jungle, like something straight out of the Jurassic.

The sultry air in the valley is replaced by crisp and fresh breezes as the altitude climbs. The tropical flora is unmistakably Hawaiian and there is something magical about the palm covered trails that lead higher.

Suddenly to come across breath taking waterfalls it’s no wonder this place is considered sacred. Hibiscus grows wild up here, along with other natives – Kokio, Ohia Lehua and Puukaa – the natural splendour is awesome.

Duskii girls are unsurprisingly attracted to this kind of adventure for the soul. Leaving the salty shores behind for afternoon hikes or early morning waterfall swimming, the spirit of this land invigorates the Duskii girl’s adventurous spirit.

Ascending from the turquoise ocean of Maui’s southern coast Haleakala’s graceful slopes are the inspiration for this exquisite Duskii collection. 

haleakala scoop swimsuit | tropical printhaleakala long sleeve bikini suit | tropical print

haleakala longline rashie | tropical printhaleakala crop rashie | tropical print

haleakala bandeau top | tropical printhaleakala hawaiian pant | tropical print

waimea bay cap | black


Our best-selling bond girl tank is back, shaken, not stirred...

This is our fourth collection, time has flown by so fast which obviously means we are having a ton of fun bringing you the newest technology paired with the best designs. We were onto a classic from the beginning and our customers have revealed that not only does the duskii tank feel incredible on, it takes them to previously unmet levels of “Bond Girl” status. The fit is not only superbly flattering; it is crafted using the highest quality of neoprene.
It is all things functional, fashionable and fabulous!

Well you asked and we have well and truly delivered. Not only have we delivered in 2017, we will continue to deliver this timeless classic tank suit year after year. For our duskii collectors (true story!) the internal lining will change each year but the shape, materials and external colours of black and white will always remain EXACTLY the same. We will not mess with perfection! 

A deep khaki green lines the 2017 tanks, contrasting against the bold black and white blocks. These suits are and always will be incredibly flattering while staying extremely comfortable. Probably the reason why we can’t and won’t let them go, they are simply too good.

Your 4th of July Edit!

Get ready with your red white and blue for your 4th of July holiday!


courtside with the duskii team, serving you new styles!

Crisp air. Magpies gargling. Wet grass.
Our recent photoshoot shot us right back to high school when you get dropped off at the courts at the break of dawn for tennis coaching. It would always take a few minutes for you to come out of your sleepy fog and stop your teeth chattering. 
The stunning Abi Fox hit the courts at 6:30 with the duskii team and being the true professional that she is, left her sleepy fog at home. Coffee anyone? Probably should have tried that trick at school! Sydney is well and truly showing its wintery self so we always come armed with the warmest fluffy robes for the in between bits of the shoots, they are never turned down!! 


Abi Fox wearing duskiiAbi Fox for duskii

I would like to introduce you to Maui, our latest collection that has just landed. We have drawn inspiration from the dense rainforest and rich natural abundance of Hawaii’s ancient land to create a bold sleek collection. It is designed with the active girl in mind, for you to revel in and on the surf, dive into the cool water of jungle waterfalls while looking as lively and alluring as the tropical lands of the Hawaiian islands.

After throwing ourselves into Hawaii and all of it’s palpable beauty for this collection, we wanted to get back there ASAP so expect to see more lush tropical prints in the coming months. We have been well and truly inspired by the incredible island! xx

duskii maui collection

Covers and cover girls

Can’t imagine a moment more thrilling than looking for some magazines at the gates for the long haul flight you are facing to stumble on 3 (three!!!) magazines that are packed with our new season styles. The temptation to start squealing this information to everyone around was intense, but my teeth did an amazing job of holding my tongue in place until I found a quiet corner to call my closest and whisper yell at them…

We absolutely love being featured on and in fitness magazines because that is what our brand is all about. Fitness, fashion and making strong women look great while they are looking after their bodies, heads and hearts. Staying active really is the key to happiness and health and we love being a small part of that journey for our customers.

There is only one thing we love more than covers featuring our suits, and that’s actual cover girls featuring our suits. Hello Gigi and Kendall!!!  Dare I say the highlight of last year and one that still hasn’t lost its charm for us. x


Britain's Next Top Model

Not sure there is a better feeling than waking up to the news that you have dressed the entire group of finalists for Next Top Model Britain for the announcement. Blur your eyes and I swear you can see the British flag…

Britain's Next Top Model

Britain's Next Top Model finalists wearing Duskii

The 12 finalists were announced last week. We knew six months ago that the stylists working on the show loved our suits and were thinking about using some in Britain’s Next Top Model. If you have eagle eyes you may have seen some pieces from our Capri Rush collection on last year’s Australia’s Next Top Model.

Australia's Next Top Model wearing DuskiiAustralia's Next Top Model wearing Duskii

We were absolutely thrilled when we saw the images surface of the stunning finalists on Britain’s Next Top Model website and on the front page of the Daily Mail. So amazing to see all 12 finalists looking smoking hot in their red, white and blue duskii suits.

Britain's Next Top Models finalists wearing Duskii neoprene suitsBritain's Next Top Models finalists wearing Duskii neoprene suits

Meet the girls 
Daily mail article

Britain's Next Top Models finalists wearing Duskii neoprene suits

We think the girls are all winners however we all have a few favourites and can’t wait for the premier on March 16. Stay tuned! x

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Oasis T-back one piece duskiiduskii Monte Carlo surf suit

Oasis slim tri bikini


Monte carlo long sleeve spring suit

karlie kloss - "what's a girl to do with a six hour lay-over in honolulu?"

We have been following American supermodel and super star Karlie Kloss closely on her trip to Australia. Not because Vogue Paris declared her as one of the top 30 models in this decade, not because she has been a Victoria Secret Angel for the past three years (2012-2015); because she is a total TRIPLE THREAT. Absolutely stunning obviously, but also incredibly clever and philanthropic to boot. The girl is a computer programmer and has partnered with Flatiron School and to offer a scholarship named Kode with Karlie for young girls interested in computer science and software engineering. So much more than an incredibly pretty face!

We were sad to see her go but it was what happened after she left OZ that had us jumping up and down with excitement at Duskii headquarters.

Drum roll please…

Karllie Kloss instagram

If your one of Karlie’s 5.9m followers, you would have seen the suit she threw on to hit Sandy Beach, Honolulu for her 6 hour layover. How good does she look in Duskii’s Monte Carlo surf suit!!! Seriously fits her like an absolute glove. We are adding this to one of the pinch yourself moments for us this year, there has been a few that’s for sure! xx

Karlie Kloss wearing Duskii

Karlie Kloss wearing Duskii

Karlie Kloss wearing Duskii

Karlie Kloss wearing Duskii

Check out the full article on dailymail

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if i was your boyfriend…

If I was your boyfriend, I'd never let you go
Keep you on my arm girl, you’d never be alone
I can be a gentleman, anything you want
If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go, I’d never let you go

Fair call Beiber, if I were Rocky Barnes boyfriend, I’d never let her go either… I would have get on every single plane with her!

Recently we were lucky enough to collaborate with the incredible Rocky Barnes, it's been a dream of ours for a while now.

Today she is in the Caribbean, but if you stalk her Instagram just for the last three weeks you will see the lucky thing has spent December in Mexico, USA and Italy. She has it sorted, the world is her absolute playground.

Drop dead gorgeous of course, but Rocky also has a beautiful eclectic style that is reflected in her home that is filled with her vintage treasures collected on her travels.

Her colour coded bookshelves have tipped her into girl crush territory for us. Note to self, sort my books out this weekend…

Rocky Barnes and duskii collaboration

Enough about books, back to Rocky the rock star. We were lucky enough to see some stunning pictures of Rocky on her very own blog. Check it out!

Rocky Barnes wearing duskii palma print neoprene bikini

Rocky Barnes wearing duskii neoprene tank suit

Rocky Barnes wearing duskii neoprene bikini

When asked where her favourite place is, her answer is always the beach of course. Well Rocky, we will dress you for your favourite place anytime, you look absolutely stunning wearing Duskii! xx

duskii oasis palma bikini

duskii oasis bustier bikini and high waisted bikini pant

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Duskii Girls Sizing Chart